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For parents

We understand how worrying it is when you have concerns about your child. You may want to book a consultation.



A consultation enables you to discuss your concerns without your child present. Together we can think about the next step, whether it would be appropriate for your child to be seen and by whom. It also gives you a chance to talk about any issues that might make your child feel uncomfortable.




An assessment is usually the first appointment where the child is present and we will try and understand the nature of the child’s difficulty. It may be that further assessments are recommended for specific problems such as autism or ADHD. The findings of the assessment will be discussed with you and treatment recommended.




There are a variety of treatments depending on the presenting problem. These include talking therapies such as CBT or psychotherapy using a variety of mediums for example art and play, family therapy or medication. The options will be discussed with you.



We will try and be flexible regarding timing of sessions, understanding for example that adolescents need after school appointments. Our clinics are in London.




We also run groups. Creating a safe space for children, adolescents or parents to meet together in a group setting can be incredibly supportive and inspiring. Sharing experiences reduces the sense of isolation and increases creative solutions and strategies to overcome difficulties. Groups tend to run for 4-6 sessions.


We keep a waiting list of people interested in working this way, and we contact you when we have enough interest to facilitate various groups, addressing particular needs.

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